I have been chilling for a while and i have gained interest in calligraphy. I have got a vision, and I have all those people who could motivate me and inspire me though i don’t know them personally but we have our souls linked together by Allah.

and now I am welcoming Ramadan. king of all the months. moth of patience and light. embracing it with my arms wide open, all the blessings and goodness that ALLAH sends down.

Ramadan is really a peaceful month and in jeddah its even more calm. i have spent few years back one Ramadan in the city where i was born and i am compelled to say that, Ramadan in hyderabad is really tough with harsh climate and schools and universities running till the end.

when I was in 7th we had classes in this blessed month, in the beginning itself we had a strike in school by senior students and we were given holidays with those senior students getting there suspension from school for a week, lol. that was really a fun.





My success is only by ALLAH QURA’AN (11.88)

Allhumdulilallah! its really amazing to know that I have completed my journey of three years of graduation. it was the toughest task, if its about me. I remember that night when I woke up and cried to my self even before I had started anything and it was just that process was done and I had 4 to 5 months still left to leave for the city where my university was located. nights really haunted me with wired thoughts and dreams. I doubted my decision. but I really came out of it and m happy. my journey to place where I was born is really interesting I would definitely share all my experiences with different people and places.

there were thousands of obstacles. at certain points I really felt like I just cant move forward and I wanted literally to leave everything and run back. but ALLAH supported from sources I couldn’t even imagine. I  had faced mental, emotional, financial and all sorts of problems and I did nothing but prayed, it was Allah who won me through all the odds.

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in the midst of my journey my interaction with some intellectual people of knowledge of deen and duniya, reformed and fashioned my interests and thinking process.

the alchemist, book by Paulo Coelho was one of my favourite read of last year. there is an amazing line that truly defines my impossible achievement of degree – “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”  


Screenshot_2015-03-11-18-39-19-1To repair with gold is an art of making things even more beautiful.

Being a human its just impossible to be pure white like milk. I know we all have hurt our parents siblings friends and many people we encounter at work place at market place and the list goes on. And when we relax contemplating and reflecting on our mistakes and deeds we realise where we were wrong and where we needed to deal with little more patience and humbleness. But once you have said or done something you just cant undo it. And definitely you will be questioned on the day of judgement regarding that particular heart you have hurt.

Islam is a beautiful religion with the concept of repentance and forgiveness.

Just saying few beautiful words of apology to those you have hurt will bloom up  the bond and relationship.

And promising yourself of not repeating or at least improving your patience level whole heartedly will develop your character.

and that’s how bonds made after a word of sorry are beautiful like the bowl above.

“Understanding people is an art  and not every one is an artist” I recently happened to read it somewhere. So mending broken bonds is also an art.

This picture above always inspires me  to be a better person by asking forgiveness and repenting. And it arises a hope of a glistening relationship with those souls too, I consider as my enemy.

so, you never put your self down when you say sorry, you actually coat gold on broken parts and your apology is actually a shimmering gold that will shine your world with peace and contentment of QALB  ♥

💐 Hate None……

Believe me there is no one I have seen  in my family and friends without any mistake. I myself have done certain things that are strongly objectionable. But we keep building our character with time and circumstances.  So I just cant hate any one or hold a grudge for anyone. That’s how LIFE and INSAAN is. they are, as ALLAH wanted them to be. So just take a deep breath and start a new day and remember our prophet Muhammad S.A.W.W and his beautiful character. Tender nature. And how HE the great teacher, philosopher, psychologist, trainer, taught us with his actions and words, all the moral etiquettes and ethics.

Oh! my soul lets embrace every one with wide open heart and smile….

delete everything that had happened that had hurt, that had cause pain, that had brought tears, for all these things are inseparable part of LIFE

👍 ☺ 🎑


Let me walk on this lane.
I know, it will diverge at one end.
there upon reaching I’ll think
with perspective I’ve gained
to take which one,  I’ll decide
I’ll sit by the shade of a tree,
if at there is one.
I’ll look at the sky and the horizon 
I’ll try to get a vista of my vision.
but, what if my decision goes wrong,
what if I ended up in a disaster.
I’ll remember the words-
we have to full fill the book.
we cannot change the time,
neither present nor what has gone.


 Yes! Soldier is all set to conquer the last war of a part of her life.

never ever in my deepest thought I imagined that this will be my fate.

life is testing me or teaching me or its giving me experiences to cherish later in life.

finally jung is about to begin and I know I will win. Saying this, not because I m overconfident. But I have learned to believe in myself.

With my fingers cross I look at each coming day; making me stronger and motivating me to stand still like mountain in storm of wind.

My sword will be my pen. My time will  be my friend. My destination is amazing. My heart is at peace.

let the trumpets of war be blown in air. …..

Hard Hearts♥♥

Neither filthy bumpy roads could be changed in India nor egoistic black hearts or narrow mindsets could change a bit…..

lived years in illusion n stupid positivity that one magic wand (that I thought I had) will change all. But reality is harsh its stabbing.